Why invest in cryptocurrencies and why Azoomit

Cryptocurrencies are the future. Why? Because they represent the whole economic ecosystem in the hands of the people. Decentralized, quick, cheap, fair. We have some time to reach the point where potential manifests itself to broader public. Until then it is going to be a wild ride. 🙂

In todays world there is a lot of hype about all of the possibilities crytocurrencies might provide us in the future. I believe they will fullfill these promises and we have some time to go there. Meanwhile the cryptocurrencies market keeps getting bigger, which is a great thing. The bigger it will get, more stable the prices will be. There is a looooot of potential. Currently around 1% of people are holding Bitcoin. Can you image where the price will be in few years when people adopt it and get to pay everyday stuff with it? But rollercoaster ride remains.

If we calculate how much money would 10.000 $ bring us in one year, if we invested in the beginning of this year we can see that the gains in cryptocurrencies are huge. In fact they are so huge, and consequently so volatile that big investors are stepping out of the game. Risk is just too big. That is one of the reasons people who want to diversify their risk and want to get more secure monthly or yearly returns are starting to look for other investment options. Amongst them is also company called Azoomit.

Before going any further into detail I would just like to anounce that this is not a promotion of Ponzi scheme! All returns that will be mentioned here have a proven source record and I am willing to explain them.

In case you rather watch a video with quick explanation of Azoomit you can find it here. 🙂

If we take a look at the company Azoomit and the products they are offering we can see that it is a UK based startup that came on the market in July 2017. It has developed its own cryptocurrency called Neter and made a partnership with biggest investment and trading companies.

The CEO of the company is Mr. Staale Fossberg who is a really down to earth guy and has a vision where this company wants to be in the future. Currently there are around 30 people employed in the company, whitepaper is being written as we speak, all to ensure the obligatory transparrency. I personally have to meet him and got to know in an out the company activities and am impressed on the potential the company has.


Azoomit created cryptocoin Neter, which is a private investment backed crypto coin based on Ethereum platform. For those who don’t know what Ethereum is please search it online – it is the biggest revolution since Bitcoin in crypto market in my opinion. Neter is premined coin with limited supply. It can be bought only through Azoomit and is closed to the general public to avoid speculation, inflation and price pumps and dumps. Its intent is to become a credible form of payment in the next years and not a high risk crypto coin. It is not present on coinmarketcap, since it didn’t have an ICO, but you can find it on etherscan under tokens. So the vision in the future is to provide members and non members the products that can be paid with Neter.


Neter has a physical backing and is reinvested by professionals in Dutch company Aveso Investment. Aveso takes care that portion of invested money is enriched and Neter price therefore grows. Aveso invests in stock of Fortune 500 companies, Governmental bonds, startups and real estates.

The second product that Azoomit offers is Cryptobot. This is a state of art algorithmic trader owned by Hong Kong trading company, which Azoomit partners with. It scans the markets for any important news, it scans the graphs and makes technical analysis and it trades many altcoins. Besides automated trading, manual trading is active as well.

Cryptobot trades coins on most of the serious online stock exchanges. What Cryptobot does is also a market arbitrage to catch the earnings in price differences.

Company invest through Cryptobot also in pre-ICO’s, ICO’s and what is the most important in Bitcoin mining.

What is I believe the most important and safe thing that Azoomit did is enter the mining market – meaning being a part of creating Bitcoin. So the part of the investment you make is going into the purchase of Bitcoin mining rigs. This ensures that returns to the investors are guaranteed on monthly basis.

Mining rigs 2.jpg

So as you can see Azoomit really diversifies the investment to achive modest and safe gains in crypto market and high gains in comparison to traditional markets.

If you are not that good with trading, if you want to diversify your portfolio, if you want to receive regular gains, sleep at night and not worry when the price of your coin will drop, then this might be a solution for you. Azoomit can provide you with 12% monthly returns in fiat and in Neter paid on monthly basis.

Below is an overview of the activities that ensure the returns are guaranteed.


If you want to know more or how you can invest, let me know on azoomit.investment@gmail.com or we can discuss on Skype, WhatsApp, whatever app you feel comfortable with. 😊

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